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Safety Maintenance

Maximize Effectiveness & Minimize False Alarms

Preventative Maintenance

Did you know smoke alarms have a 10-year lifecycle? As with most electronics, security system components degrade over time, thus compromising life safety.

Normal contaminants like dust, water or insects can cause problems with smoke detectors. Other factors like voltage fluctuation, heat, cold and humidity may cause component failure.

Even remodeling or using space for a new purpose can produce nuisance alarms that could result in fines.

Call Ashton Security for an Annual Inspection

Most security system manufacturers recommend an annual inspection and test after installation. So be sure to call your local alarm dealer to schedule a complete, professional inspection each year. This should include:

  • Testing devises to meet exact manufacturer specifications
  • Sending signals to the central station to ensure proper communication
  • Verifying batteries are properly charged
  • Component replacements or upgrades as needed to ensure system functionality

To ensure your system operates at peak condition throughout its lifecycle, have your system tested each year because even the best-designed security system can become ineffective if improperly maintained or neglected.

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