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Ensure Protection Alerting

Ensure Protection with Radio Communication Back-Up

Security system owners tend to be a risk-adverse group that plays the percentages to protect what is most important to them. In most cases, having a professionally installed fire and burglar alarm system monitored by a central station is adequate protection, but there are situations when having back-up communications can mean the difference between life and death.

For instance, heavy snow and ice storms down many phone lines across the U.S. Property owners are then left without the constant protection afforded by a monitored security system.

The real threat of telephone lines being intentionally severed to disable a security system is another benefit of having back-up radio communications.

This is exactly what happened in Lake Elmo, MN, after a homeowner paid a national chain to install a security system because a former love interest broke into her home. Out on bond four days later, the ex-boyfriend returned, cut the phone lines, entered the home in a way that would have triggered an alarm and then murdered the women and a man in front of her kids. Had there been communication with the central station monitoring center on that fateful evening, this situation may not have culminated in such a tragic manner.

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