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Industrial Security Services & Products


Crime can cost businesses billions of dollars every year. There are ways to fight back to prevent crimes from occuring. Not only do small businesses suffer the most for they can lose employees and customers in the event of crime, but Industrial businesses are presented with a challenge for security measures as size and complexity of security are taken into consideration.

An industrial environment has many of the same considerations as the commercial alarm system, but generally with a larger coverage area including multiple entrances for both building and grounds. Offices and special use rooms or sensitive areas need to be included in the system creating the need for careful planning and equipment selection. Because of the environment conditions and number of points to be serviced, experienced security experts should be consulted in the planning and installation stages along with the company security executive.

As a business owner or manager, you know that protection of your business is critical on all levels. Not only do you have to protect your facility, but you also have to protect your employees and your assets. Business losses account for billions of dollars every year due to robbery, shoplifting and burglary. Ashton provides the perfect custom solution to help you protect your assets.

As a Business owner, you must take into consideration the threat of internal theft and burglary from dishonest employees or vendors. Starting with sound policies and security practices, you can take the necessary steps to ensure the proper protection of your organization.

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